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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Bryson; The Lesser-Known Jonas Brother

All this Doppelganger week mania over on Facebook got the better of Caris. She has, for oh, a good year now, gone on and on about how Bryson looks like a Jonas. "Bry and Nick Jonas could be twins." He of course denies this and says he looks nothing like, and will NEVER look anything like those "Jonas punks". Still, Caris was hell-bent on proving her point.

"Geez, I wish I could hack into Bry's Facebook and change his profile picture."

I thought about it for a few minutes. I had a secret. I wondered whether it would be in my best interest to share it with her. I could seriously lose my Awesome Mom status with my son. I had to think about this. It didn't take long. There had been so much seriousness around here lately that I could feel mischievous Pua wanted to come out and play. Ok, so I lose my A.M. status with the Grommet. But I would SO attain that awesomeness back with Caris.

"Um, I happen to know that Bryson never signs out of Facebook on his laptop."

She perked. "What? Really? Serious?" Off she ran to his room to get his laptop, giggling all the way.

I reminded her that she may very well be flirting with danger.

"Dont worry, Mommy. I will pick a really good picture. I mean, honestly, he looks so much like Nick Jonas that Bryson probably won't even notice for awhile."

Suddenly, I felt a little twinge of panic. What had I done? "Oh, he'll notice alright."

She promised to be quick about it and not mess around with anything else. She would just find a pic, load it to his profile and get out. Spit-spot. Just as she'd promised, it took her all of two minutes while I watched. Yes, I giggled too. I couldn't help myself. When she was done, she quickly closed his laptop and put it back in his room.

THEN, the remorse set in. She started to worry. She started to fret.

"Oh God. He's gonna kill me. Isn't he? He's gonna get mad. Oh no. Oh no."

She thought, she paced, she wondered if she shouldn't go take it off. I reminded her that when she'd closed his laptop, she signed out of his Facebook account.

"It is what it is now Honey. You're stuck."

Then she giggled again. I was watching the Good Caris, Bad Caris scenario playing out right in front of me. The giggling became laughter. She may have been saying she was remorseful, but the snickering said otherwise.

She needn't have worried. He found it a day and a half later, laughed it off, and changed his picture back without ever saying a word to her. In essence, he ended up getting the last laugh because she fretted over it for awhile not knowing whether he'd seen it or if he'd gotten mad. She did, however, get her validation through some of the comments on the picture. Friends agreed that he could definitely pass himself off as a Jonas brother. But we all know that Bryson would rather just be Bryson.