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Friday, July 23, 2004

Ok, I'm outta here...
So things haven't been going so well with Charlie's mom.  Even though she says she wants to move in with us, she's dragging her feet about making a decision.  The reality of the situation is that she's really not going to cooperate. 

My right eye has a twitch.  It's been twitching since the first house I took her to and she told me not to get my hopes up.  At the next house, she told the realtor (a friend of ours who is doing us a favor and even forfeiting her percentage) how the last house we went to "had no personality"...well, DUH.  It's vacant.  On Wednesday, she called a different realtor behind my back because she didn't believe our friend was showing us all the five bedroom houses available.  Really, I think it's because she didn't trust me. 

Mom:  THIS realtor I called said there was another house available that you didn't mention.

Me:  Let me guess Mom; 321 Wimbeldon?  No?  How about 1671 Hazel?  Or maybe it was 575 Orange,  or 2502 Calvert, or 3071 Lorenzo.  Because those are the only 5 bedroom houses on the market right now.

Mom:  Well yes, those are the ones he gave me, but MY realtor also said this house (showing me the paper with the address) was available and it's a 5 bedroom. 

Me:  Ok, I'll call Abby and she can show us that one too.

Mom:  She can do that?  I thought only the realtor that is selling the house can show the house?

Me:  No Mom, ANY realtor can show you any house.  That's what they do.  If you want to see this house, we'll go see it.

Mom:  Well it can't hurt and since we're already going to be out....

My right eye:  **twitch**  **twitch**  **twitch**

Today, at an incredible house just down the street from her house, the one I told you all I was taking her to, she bit Caris' head off when Caris said to her "Look at the beautiful rose garden Grammy!"  Mom:  "Caris, I have eyes.  I can see.  You don't have to tell me what to look at."  So, I told the kids to just back off and let Grammy look around for herself.  Because she is so "wobbly" and frail, she could only take a few steps before she would have to stop and take a rest.  So it took us a good 45 minutes to do a walk-through.  While she was sitting and having a rest, my friend Abby showed me the paperwork she'd found on the listing that the realtor Mom called told her about.  She said that the house was only a 3 bedroom.

Mom:  That's NOT what he said on the phone.

Abby:  Well, maybe he just made a little error.  But, here's the listing if you'd like to look at it.    It's 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.  Maybe what he said was that it was a 5 room house.

Mom:  No, that's not what he said.

Me:  It's ok Mom.  We'll go see the house.  It's just around the corner.

As it turns out, she really loved the house we were in.  But she kept telling the owner AND my friend Abby about the house that Pua thought was perfect but she thought had "no character, and no personality."  Yeah, yeah, we know.  Eye twitching abounds.

Finally, after getting her back in the car, which is like trying to lead a horse with no blindfold away from a fire, we drive to the "5 bedroom house" HER realtor told her about.  When we got inside, it was pretty evident that the house was small.  And sure enough, it was a 3 bedroom house.   An apology?  Nahhhh....Twitch.  Twitch.

I took her home, made her lunch, and after a few bites of peach, she said to me..."You know, as much as you and Charlie want me to make a decision, and as much as I like that one house, if I sell my house, that's it.  I'll have no place to go."  What?  She's REALLY not getting this.  She just doesn't understand.   I should be blind in my right eye by now.  I'm not, but I do know this; I'm done.  It's out of my hands.  I've tried.  I've been patient and I've been respectful.  I washed up her lunch dishes, promised her I'd be back with her dinner, kissed her on the head, and left.  On the way home I called Charlie at work:

Me:  Honey, I'm done.  I just can't do this.  I've been at it non-stop since we got back from Hawaii and I just don't think she's getting it.

Charlie:  Pua, you've done a great job and I appreciate it.  I know Mom can be difficult and you've been incredible.  Don't worry about it anymore.  Go home and pack for your trip.

Pack?  Oh my gosh!  I completely forgot!  I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow morning.  I've been so wrapped up in Mom this week that it's slipped my mind.  Four months ago, my best friend from high school bought me and another friend tickets to go visit another high school friend who lives in Florida.  It will be the first time the four of us have been together since one of their weddings 8 years ago.  Four friends.  Five days on a beach in Florida.  Mass alcohol consumption while catching up on lives and looking at hot men.  And no talking about mother-in-laws.  For now anyway, the twitching seems to be getting less and less frequent.

See you Thursday kids.  Love one another.



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