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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Will the Darkness Prevail?

So get this. I have a phone call convo with a former work associate at my previous employer, who shall remain nameless (CJ Corp.) and she tells me that though they are running around like crazy with their heads cut off, still in shock that I left like I did, they have yet to hire someone to replace me. Not only that, little Miss SBK is walking on eggshells around certain people because she KNOWS that I fried her deceitful lying ass when I wrote to certain people about her tendancy to gossip. The "talk about town" is that I left because I was "emotionally unstable", yet my source assures me that people pretty much know the real story and my reputation remains intact with the people who liked me, admired me, and most of all miss me. So, now Miss SBK is kissing asses like she's never kissed asses before. God, I wish I could trade in my power of flight for the power of invisibility so I could go and watch. Can ya help me Batman? hee hee

Buddha was right; what goes around comes around. And nothing's worse than getting hit in the back of your head by your own boomerang...isn't that right Kimmie?


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