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Saturday, May 17, 2003

May I just say....

I am the mother of the two most talented creatures on the earth? Ok ok ok, I know all of you maternal units out there have your own form of "life springing forth" idolotry going on, but please...make way. I have shared a body with the funniest, kick-ass human beings ever to have the same DNA as myself. That cannot possibly threaten you...can it? Yes, I am also very proud to say that these kick-ass human beings (who also have the same chromosomal make-up as myself, that being XX, :::wink wink:::) have some extremely funny and talented counterparts who share their worlds. We have a fairy (no dork, I'm not speaking about sexual preferences, I'm talking sprites and forest dweller-types here), a horror-movie, super hero afficianado, an all around genius, and a really really funny "bon-bon" expert. Not to mention, we have an artiste at making us look our absolute finest. Honestly, you should fall to your knees in awe and wonder and kiss our proverbial......rings. Such is our reality. GOD should be so lucky. I think perhaps SHE should ask MY permission to be admitted to MY realm. I am blessed. You wish you were me. Jealous.


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