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Sunday, March 23, 2003

On March Madness: :::yawn:::

On the NBA: :::double yawn::: (but Kudos on at least stopping play to listen to the President's address. And NO, this shouldn't be misconstrued as me being Pro-Bush or Pro-War, you'd be wrong if you thought so.)

On Hockey: While I respect your right to express yourself and the freedom you have to do so....Shame on some Canadians. You know who you are and you know why. The sad part is, you should expect the same in return because :::sigh::: stupidity happens (see "On People").

On Laundry: Is it possible that it's biologically alive and able to multiply by simply sitting on the garage floor?

On Exercise: I don't understand the unfairness of it's necessity to some, while others go happily along stuffing their faces without regard to caloric damages. If God were a woman, there would be more compassion and equality in this catagory. And quite possibly, men wouldn't be such testosterone-filled douchebags who control the media with their joysticks in their hands and say what's what and why we should give a rat's ass (an ass that doesn't require a thong for anyone to pay attention to it, I might add). Somewhere in the world, where Victoria's Secret and The Man Show doesn't exist...I am a lusted after Goddess.

On People: Is it just me or is anyone else simply embarrassed by what seems to be an unleashed contagion of mass stupidity?

On SBK and SBK2: They can both kiss my sweet Hawaiian ass (see "On People").


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