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Friday, December 23, 2011

Ho'olawai "Healing Water"

Charlie, Sharon, and Brian at "Sunrise Worship Service". Kahana Beach, Maui. May 2011

Today, while I sat with Jeff's parents in the surgical waiting lounge, his dad began to speak of what they will do once they get Jeff out of here. He will miss Christmas at home, yes, but he will still be here. That's how we're looking at it. I'm still channeling what I have now coined "Jenny's mantra"; Optimism is my source of hope. I repeat it over and over. I have resolved that everything that comes out of my mouth in the presence of Jeff's parents will be optimistic and hopeful. I want to believe it has made a difference, however small.

So, we began to talk about when Jeff gets out of the hospital, and his dad mentions getting him to the healing waters of Hawai'i. They love Hawai'i. They lived there for a short time. His mom said; "Maybe we'll rent a condo and just let him heal there." His dad nodded. I know them. They will do whatever it takes. If it means selling their house, their cars, everything. They will do it. Who wouldn't? Jeff's dad begins to talk about how EVERYTHING in Hawai'i is healing to the soul. We had this conversation when we were there together in May for the big "Jeff's Maui Adventure Trip". I nodded and said; "Remember when we went to 'sunrise worship service' together on the beach? He smiled. "Yes," said his mom. "That was wonderful. EVERYTHING in Hawai'i is healing; the water, the air, the smells. That is what we will do. We will take him there where he can heal for now."

I squeezed her hand. "Yes. It's where he belongs." Optimism is my source of hope.