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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Morning Train

It seems odd to say that. The train is not utilized for transportation around here as much as in more urban settings. Southern Californians have such a stubborn attachment to their personal vehicles. Be that as it may, this morning I am going to the train station to meet my sister.

My sister. That's been such an elusive and foreign term to me. Having only just located my birth family this past April, my vocabulary has broadened. It includes words like; sisters, brothers, mother, father. For my kids, it's; aunties, uncles, lots of cousins. Now, I say things like; "my younger sister," or "my older brother." The whole thing has thrown my world off-kilter. In a majorly wonderful way.

So this morning, at 11:05, I'm meeting the Amtrak train from San Diego and picking up my sister Lokelani. Since meeting this past summer, we've been talking three or four times a week on the phone, emailing, chatting, and laughing til we pee. We've become an integral part of each other's lives. I'm loving having a sister. I can't believe how much I adore her and how quickly we just melted together. Last week I mentioned that I was taking a class, and without skipping a heartbeat, she said.."I'll come up and we can take the class together! Won't that be fun?" I giggled. It WILL be fun.

So tonight I promised that I wouldn't keep her up too late drinking and talking. We have "school" tomorrow and have to behave. But after class, I'm thinking Girl's Night Out. We're 40 some years overdue.


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