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Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Day After "Bleh"

I apologize for yesterday. I was just feeling exactly that; "bleh". And there wasn't a whole lot that was gonna make it better short of spending time with my very good friend Margarita. I was having a pity party and who better to have attend? I invited all my best whiner friends; Me, Me, and let me not forget Me. We sat around and marveled at how much we have in common. Me said she felt taken for granted. I giggled at that, because then Me commented that she felt unloved. Which was pretty funny, considering Me chimed in right after with how she was experiencing a sense of "invisibility". I asked Me if she'd taken her meds today. She said she had, so we quickly tried to lighten the mood by moving on to other subjects, avoiding the topic of the perception of "ungrateful" kids and "too much on their plates" husbands.

Me sighed: Oh stop being so silly. You girls blow everything out of proportion.

Me responded: Well, you're the one that was complaining about not getting any.

Me chided back: I simply said that I understand how overworked and tired he's been, but once a week is just NOT enough.

Me said: At least you don't have ungrateful kids. I swear, sometimes teenagers think we're idiots. Do they think we were BORN in our forties?

Me shot back: Are you kidding me? My kids think we crap money. And then they complain how they have "nothing" or that their friends have "everything". ::sigh::
Apparantly we suck.

Me retorted: Oh wah wah wah girls. It just seems like that now, but someday they'll see how good they have it. Remember, you were teenagers once too you know. Now, about YOU; Miss-Too-Oversexed-For-Your-Own-Good (pointing at Me), THAT'S what vibrators are for. Leave the poor man alone. He's doing the best he can and life's been a little rough lately.

Suddenly the girls and I noticed a beautiful sight and Me exclaimed; "Oh look! Here comes Margarita! She makes the best Agave Nectar by the pitcher. You've never had anything so wonderful in your life. She's a saucy little thing; sweet and a little tart. She wears the loveliest perfume; essence of lime I think. I'll have to ask her."

Before you knew it Me and the girls were giggling, giddy, and feeling much less whiney and self-absorbed. Not to mention the guy at the bar hit on Me. I just won't tell you which Me it was.


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