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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

That's MRS. Proctor Smith to you!

Today I was a proctor for the regional P-SATs. Three hundred seventy-eight students ranging from 8th grade thru 11th, 4 district schools. They filled the big gymnasium. I was actually pretty impressed that so many kids showed up to take these preliminary SATs.

My job wasn't that difficult. I, along with 8 other parents, walked up and down the aisles, between the tables; handing out kleenex for sniffly noses, sharpened No. 2 pencils, and tapping the tables if a student fell asleep. There were also those moments; though few and far between, where I'd have to give "the look" to kids whose eyes would wander from their own papers, or those who couldn't stop talking to each other. All in all, the majority of the kids were pretty well behaved. This test obviously meant something to them.

At one point, one of the school counselors came up to me and said, "So, I'm going to call you "Proctor Smith" today. I didn't understand and responded with the very intelligent; "Huh?" He laughed and continued; "Well, I just noticed that your daughter is in here taking the test and normally, parents aren't allowed to proctor when their kids are taking it. I said; "Then you're double screwed. My son is in here too." He got a look of shocked amusement on his face and then said; "Wait, you have ANOTHER one? First there was Averie and she graduated, then there's Caris, and you have ANOTHER ONE?" I smiled and nodded then added; "They didn't stipulate that there was a "no parent" rule, which I fully understand. But no one said anything to me. So, if you need me to leave, I will." He suddenly seemed very panicked. "NO! NO! NO! Please don't leave! We had a hard enough time getting the parents that we got. If you leave, we'll be really short-handed!" I assured him I wouldn't leave and I would just take the station on the farthest side of the gym, well away from my own kids.

After 4 long hours of walking the aisles, the test was over, my feet were aching, and I struggled with some really mixed emotions. I was very happy, and proud, that both my son and daughter cared enough to take the test. But I was a little sad that for 378 students, it was difficult for the school to find only 8 proctors.


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