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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

She's All Grown Up

I'm experiencing a myriad of mixed feelings today. This morning, I saw Averie off on her very first without Mommy and Daddy and Family roadtrip. Just Averie. Averie and my "TOM" Girls; Celinda, and Lindz. Out there in the world. On the crazy California freeway system. Granted, it's only for two days. Two sunny, beachy days in beautiful Sandy Eggo. But it's two days out of my reach.

I'm excited for her. I KNOW she's excited. They've been planning this for a month now. Hotel reservations, packing checklists, roadtrip munchies, giggling giddily. I remember that feeling. I long for that feeling again. ::sigh::

I'm also terrified. She KNOWS I'm terrified. She hugged me five times and kissed me sweetly. "Don't worry Mommy. I have everything I need; insurance card, driver's license, cash, cell phone. It will always be on and you know you can reach me. Please don't worry. I'll be fine." I know she'll be fine. She's a smart girl with great friends. I want to let her unfurl her wings. I'm just having a hard time doing it without crying. The next two days will be tough ones. I don't imagine that I'll be sleeping too well tonight. Maybe I can get sympathy sex. Hmmmm. Shouldn't be too difficult. I don't think Charlie will be sleeping much tonight either.

I held the tears back until she drove away. However now, sitting here, the waterworks are on. Being a Mom is sometimes so hard. But I wouldn't trade it for the world.


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