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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Birthdays, Brothers, and San Francisco

It's been 3 years since I last saw him. I can't believe it's been that long. It makes me feel bad. Especially since we live in the same state. All this family stuff I've been immersed in, and his voice on the phone begging me to come up for his birthday, made me realize I needed to do a better job being a sister. There's no excuse for such a span of time between visits.

So, we packed up the van with whatever you take for a quick weekend trip to the Bay Area; three kids, their stuff, and a flatulent dog, and left at 4:30 am on Friday morning. We got to Skip's front door at 1:30 pm. Factoring in "I gotta pee" and "I'm hungry" stops for both people and canine; I'd say we did alright. His smile told the whole story. He was a happy birthday boy. He was proud to show off his new pool and he, Charlie, and Bry talked golf. He lives for golf. His chest puffed up when he saw Caris and Averie and marvelled at what beautiful nieces he had. He bear hugged us all at least 50 times and I jokingly told him how good he looked for his age. Then again, not so jokingly because he does look damn good for 57. I still can't believe that.

We spent a day in "The City". San Francisco is a short 30 minute drive from Vallejo, and since Bryson had never been, we thought since we were here, we should go. I've always loved San Francisco. We have great memories there. My dad was born there and his family was there, so we spent some good times there when I was little. Charlie and I spent our honeymoon there. Last year, when Averie was visiting Humboldt, she, Caris and I stopped in SF to spend some time. It's an awesome city, full of life, great food, beautiful art, and amazing people. I guess that can be said of any city, but there's a special kind of magic there. Skip has always been a Bay Area guy. He tried a few stints in Southern California, but thinks we're all crazy Babylonians and perfers a Northern Cali life. Name a city or community in the Bay Area, and he's lived there at one time or another. He's got San Francisco Bay water flowing in his veins.

The weekend went quickly, as weekends always do, and before you knew it, we were back on the road heading south. The dog was still flatulent. Thank God for power windows. Dog fart humor keeps you laughing for a good 100 miles. Just in case you were planning a trip in the near future.


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