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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Say "Ahhhh"

I got a call from Averie yesterday.  We don't often get to chat and I had texted her earlier in the day without response.  In the afternoon, I texted her again because it wasn't like her not to respond and so I was worried.  She called on her way home from work and apologized for not getting back to me, it was just one of those overly busy days.  Relieved, we just went into the pleasure of catching up.

We bantered back and forth with the usual "what's going on in your world?" stuff, and as always, there are the giggles that come when I talk with Averie.  The girl is funny even when she's not trying to be.  Once "the business" was done she proceeded to tell me about her recent visit to the dentist.  She began it by saying; "I want to thank you for your forethought as a parent WAY back when I first went to the dentist as a kid."  Confused, I said; "Um, okay.  Why?"

Averie:  My dentist said that I have nice teeth.  So thanks for the braces.  But that's not really what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about my fillings.  He was surprised at my age that I had white fillings.  He said that most people he sees at my age, Caris and Bry's age, and older, have amalgam.  You know, that silver filling.  Anyway, he says he spends a lot of time in people's mouths replacing the amalgam with composite.  He said I was lucky, because amalgam was just the "go to" when I was a kid.  Insurance covered it, so that's what people did.

She proceeded to tell me that she'd thought about it, and though it might be a small thing, she realized and remembered how much thought I put into it back then.

Averie:  I suddenly remembered you coming home from the dental consultation and talking to Daddy about the expense of composite fillings, that it wasn't covered by insurance.  I know that you and Daddy didn't really have the money, but when it came to us, you always found a way.  I remember you being adamant about the composite and how important you thought it was in light of your own, and Daddy's own dental nightmares.  It didn't really register to me.  I was young.  But when the dentist mentioned it, it all came back to me, and I just thought how grateful I am that you went to bat for us in that way.  It's the small things.  They come back.  It's that, and other things.  Like when Caris had to have her broken nose repaired.  They said you could leave it, but I remember you saying; "Oh hell no, my baby is getting her nose fixed come hell or high water!"  By the same token, I remember you saying; "It's composite for my babies' teeth.  None of that silver crap!"  We didn't know it then, but we know it now, as adults, the everyday sacrifices you and Daddy made for us.  I know they came from your own bad experiences growing up; your parents not having the best dental care for you, or when you didn't get follow-up surgery on your face.  I know those are the reasons you made the decisions you made for us, no matter the cost.  I told my dentist about that conversation you and Daddy had so long ago.  He said; "Your mom was ahead of her time."  Yeah.  She was.  So thanks for that.

No, Averie.  Thank you.  It's the big things.  Like gratitude.  :)


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