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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Why Do They Call it Homecoming?

It's funny. The kids attend the same high school I went to. It's my Alma Mater. But it was never "home" to me. I got plucked out of Hawaii against my will when I was in high school and shipped off to live in California. But, I had to make do. Still, I was painfully shy back then (now I'm just painful!) so I never really made my "mark" here. I was content to be a nerdy wallflower; overlooked and basically ignored. So it's amazing to me that my kids have done as much as they've done in high school. From a nerdy Hawaiian wallflower and a skinny geeky white boy come these three gregarious, outgoing, funny, friendly, progeny. I like to think it has something to do with the way we raised them. That they always know how loved and cherished they are and that they can depend on us for support, no matter what. Unlike our own upbringing; Charlie and I made sure they they knew they could do anything they set their sights on. And they've done just that.

High school may not have been "home" for me...but I know it has been a whole different world for them.

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